Motivation after a hard day

When we came into this world, we knew nothing of it, we did not know of how good or bad it was, we did not know of how hard it would be to get everything we wished for. We started to get older and the first hardship at getting each one of our wishes is our parent. We would cry thinking that it would resolve something, but it didn’t. We started going to school and started noticing that we did not want to be there, but we had no choice in that, it had to be done. We saw that first person that we had a crush on, but the voice at the back of our mind reminded us each time that there was a very high percentage that the person does not feel the same, so most of us move on. Then we reach our adolescent age, by this time we have confirmed that the world was tough, and it will continue to be, we would never get everything we want, and we must accept that fact. Some of us can find the courage and confidence to fight those “No” while the others quit. If you are one of the huge percentage that is thinking about quitting just do this; stop, relax your mind, listing to some calming music and think about those hardships, think about how you can over come them, then realize that to get what you want you have to fight no matter what, believe that you can make it in this world, and realize that you are unstoppable no matter what. You become a failure only when you quit fighting.


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