What I have learned so far listening to rich dad poor dad audiobook

As a person who came from a Nigerian culture, what I was taught growing up was that the only way I could find success was to get good grades in school, get my high school diploma, and then finish college. When I am done with those then I can look for a job. So goal growing up was that exactly except I never actually got the best grades, also I got to a point in my life when I just could not picture what my future was going to be like since I sucked at school. Even though I was all these things, the only way to reach success was through school.

Fast forward, I have been in college for almost eight years, I will be done this year. I work in IT as a database administrator and I only have one source of income. Just to let you know rich dad would have been very ashamed of me which poor that would have been very happy. At the beginning of this year, I decided to be serious about my finance, this was when I found the “Rich Dad Poor dad” audiobook on youtube, lord knows I was not trying to read the book. What I realize after only listening to three hours is that my parents have a poor mentality and this is not their fault, it was how they were raised and that is what they have passed on to there children, Focus on your books, they say. Now, this is not to say that I am not glad that I kind of listened, but I know that I could be so much more if I had known of other ways to be successful.

This “Rich Dad Poor dad” audio book really opens your mind to other possibilities in life. You can be the most book smart person in the world and still be financially illiterate. Get the book and let it change your mind Set because you know that deep in your heart, it is needed.


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