Another day at work

Last night I was at my girlfriend’s house, she is from Trinidad and I love foreign foods. Her and her mom cooked up some stew chicken, which took hours, but I was patient enough to wait since I have no food in my own apartment which was thirty minutes away. This was at around 9 pm so her mom was alright with me staying the night and also my girlfriend wanted me to stay the night so there was no question about that if you know what am saying. Just to let you know, I go in to work weekdays at 7am and it is currently 9pm so I knew that it was time for me to go to sleep so that I can get up early enough to drive back home and get ready for work but I had to finish my food.

At this point her uncle called so that started talking, this talking led to her uncle requesting for her to bring him food and I had no issue with that, family always comes first and I am just a boyfriend. Knowing me, I would have started the drive the moment he asked but women like to take there time, no matter what you say it will not make her go any faster so I did what I thought was the right thing, sit down and don’t say anything. We started our drive close to 9:30 and made the 15 minutes drive to her uncle’s house. When we got there her uncle tried the food that she made, he was surprised about how good the food was since she does not really cook much , I am even happy to say that I am the first boyfriend that she has ever actually cooked for. But back to the article, while at her Uncle’s, we helped him set up his TV and other things since he just moved into the house. Right before we left her uncle gave her a designer backpack called “Tumi”. This bag that loos just like any other bag cost a stunning 295 dollars, but it looks like a regular cheap backpack. I was truly surprised because this was something that I would never spend my money on, it just was not worth it. I could not get as exited as they were about it because the price was too ridiculous.

We left her uncle’s house about an hour later and made it back to her place by 11. I was so tired I went straight to her bed. About five hours later I woke up to make the long 30 minutes drive back to my place. The moment I got home , I set up my alarm and went back to sleep. Let me explain, I kind of went back to sleep but it was hard and work was in two hours. On a normal day , I set my alarm to wake me up so that I can get ready to go to work and make it there by 7:30am, Not this time though, I stopped my alarm which woke me up at 7am, set another one for 7:30am and went right back to sleep. I really did not enjoy the extra 30 minutes since it was full of wishful thinking which I am sure that you can relate to. I could start up my own business then I could wake up at anytime I want, but successful people wake up at 5am, that is a different type of craziness but I guess you get used to it. I could still be in bed but I have to go to work and work for money so that I can pay my bills and also pay off the debts that I got my self into. Maybe one day I will take the initiative and start making my own money then I won’t need a job anymore. Maybe.


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